Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaguely empowered

Recently I've had a few mixed feelings about proceeding with some goals I'm trying to move forward with (yes that's a very vague statement :) ). I feel empowered by my boss but I'm also feeling a level of discomfort doing so.

My boss has been fully supportive of everything I've done so far so I'm not being empowered and then having it taken away again.

After reflecting and doing an internal 5 whys, I realized what's been bothering me. It's not clear about what I'm empowered to do. I'm worried about stepping on toes when I come close or overlap other peoples boundaries. I feel vaguely empowered.

In my last company I built my own role after seeing a market opportunity. I was also vaguely empowered, but the difference was I knew my remit as the only person I had to worry about was my boss who was also the CEO. I knew what his strengths and weaknesses were so I knew my boundaries. In my new company I'm still working out what those boundaries are.

Now I know the issue, I can set about fixing it. I'll be talking to my boss about these feelings and work with him to understand where my limits are.

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  1. I'm sad to see Texas lost you. You were a real pleasure to work with and I mean that. I wish you would look me up, you always have a friend and reference with me.